MKT 593

week 4

Refer to the graphic (13.1) and explanations in Ch. 13 of New Products Management and/or the Ch. 13 presentation. The chapter can be found in this MKT 593 Week’s Required Learning Activities folder.
Select one of the six benefits of design:
1. Speed to Market
2. Ease of Manufacture
3. Differentiation
4. Meet Customer Needs
5. Build or Support Customer Identity
6. Environment
Create an infographic that illustrates the design benefit you have chosen.
Refer to the instructions for creating an infographic provided in the MKT 593 Week 4 Discussion 1.

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Week 4 discussion — how to create infographic
· Review the Infographic Tutorial from Easelly. 
· Follow the instructions to create a free Easelly account. 


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