Module 03 Pre-Lab Assignment

Please complete the Module 03 Pre-Lab Assignment in the McGraw-Hill Connect platform prior to starting the laboratory experiments and activities. Once finished, please take a screenshot of your overall score, paste the screenshot into a Word document, and submit it to the dropbox.  Remember, you have unlimited attempts and should submit your highest score.  To access the McGraw-Hill Connect platform, please click on the link below and follow the instructions: 

For A&P assignment 
I noticed on your re submission that your grade transcript needs a couple extra clicks. When you are submitting for an assignment, for example lets say it is the pre lab assignment, you need to click on the arrow that sits ahead of the assignment title.  This will open up all of the information about that assignment, date, time stamp and all the attempts that were made.  This is an essential piece. It allows me to give you the highest score you earned. If it is not open and you did multiple attempts I will only be able to see the average of your scores. 
See below. When the assignment is fully visible the attempt (written in blue type) is visible below the assignment heading.

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Module 03 Pre-Lab Assignment
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