module 3-Ethics

 Required Discussion Forum: Chapter 3 begins with two narrative accounts of people facing the question of euthanasia. Perhaps more than any other moral issues to be discussed this semester, students have direct experience with questions relating to euthanasia through personal situations similar to those discussed in these two passages. In this discussion forum you are asked to share about your personal experiences with euthanasia issues and react to the experiences of other students in light of the issues and questions raised by”Letting Go: What Should Modern Medicine Do When It Can’t Save Your Life?” (Gawande) and “My Father’s Death” (Wolf).  Please be respectful of others’ opinions and personal experiences in the discussion; you should keep your remarks focused on the themes mentioned in the two cases and on any personal experience with euthanasia.  Avoid being judgmental or overly critical of other’s experiences. 

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module 3-Ethics
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