Module 6 – Disaster Recovery Plan

Please see attached. 45 pages

Must include two attachments the draft and final

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Module 6 – Disaster Recovery Plan
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Please do not use use books or journals as references. Use online sources

60.0 to >54.0 pts
Plan includes the following for one data center and the global network: • Clear, concise, and detailed recovery plan with specific recovery process objectives. • List of disaster recovery teams for each data center and the global network, with rationale for team assignments. • Contact list for each of the teams and backup team members with their names, job titles, work and home contact information, and their roles and responsibilities; rationale for assignment of each team member • Inventory list of hardware and software (with version numbers) for the IT infrastructure • Alternate recovery site location(s) with descriptions of what equipment and/or resources should be at the site and why • Escalation call tree of IT leaders based on the severity event levels with names, job titles, work and home contact information; detailed explanation of call tree


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