MTH/217 wk4 Inferential Analysis Review Worksheet

MTH/217 v6Inferential Analysis Review Worksheet
Based on the Professional Development Opportunities: Full Report presentation showing a full report of
the analysis of the Desirability Survey data, complete the table below in complete sentences to
summarize and explain the following ideas from Slide 7 of the presentation.

Column 1 lists each analysis component to review.

In Column 2, document what was shared for each of the identified analysis components in the
presentation. You may cut and paste. This part does not need to be in complete sentences.

In Column 3, write a 25- to 50-word explanation about why the researcher made this choice (i.e.,
the relevance and importance of the statistical research). Use information from this week’s videos
and readings to support your answer. Explain your rationale.

In Column 4, write a 25- to 50-word description of the meaning (interpretation) of the information.
What might it tell you about the data? What might it tell you about manager and employee scores
on the survey? Explain your rationale.
Analysis Component
What was shared
about this in the
Why did the
researcher make this
Dependent and
independent variables
The null hypothesis (H0)
The alternative
hypothesis (H1)
The results of analysis
(reject or fail to reject
the null hypothesis)
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What does the
information mean?

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