Need Dicussion done for my wk 2 and 2 responses o other peers

 Week 2 Discussion COLLAPSE
Your Campaign Story
During this course, you will develop a campaign plan to market a product or service. In Assignment 1, you will write a brief proposal for the campaign. In Assignment 2, you will develop a slide deck to present the campaign proposal to the executive team. 
This week’s discussion helps you prepare for Assignment 1. You will select your company, indicate your chosen product or service, and explore its core function and key features. 
To get started, follow the directions below: 

Before writing your discussion post, read the Assignment 1 Instructions.
Write your discussion post by responding to the prompts below:

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Need Dicussion done for my wk 2 and 2 responses o other peers
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Choose the company or organization for your marketing campaign

You may select the company you currently work for (recommended), a company you used to work for, a non-profit organization, or a Fortune 500 company

Indicate your idea for a product or service that will be the focus of your marketing campaign
Briefly describe your product or service in basic terms:

What is the core problem that the product or service solves?
What are 2 or 3 key features of the product or service? 

How does the product or service you chose align with the story and brand of the overall company?
What challenges or risks could you face in a campaign to promote this product or service? 

Post your initial response by Wednesday, midnight of your time zone, and reply to at least 2 of your classmates’ initial posts by Sunday, midnight of your time zone.​ In your replies, provide feedback as to how your peers can improve their product’s alignment with the company brand or how the risks could be mitigated.

1st response
 RE: Week 2 DiscussionCOLLAPSE
Hi Class,
The Company: TD Bank America’s Most Convenient Bank. 
New Product: Accountants  
It will only make sense where we do all of our finances transactions from direct deposits, auto bill payments, mortgage payments, loans payments and all the daily transactions, to have a complementary accountant that helps us with our finances, gets us in order for tax season, and even file our taxes through them. The bank somehow already has access to our income records and it’s convenient enough to have a one stop shop when it comes to all finances matters. 
Banks always push and drive for their customer’s experience. TD bank for instance, their purpose as stated by the president and CEO Masrani “TD’s purpose is to enrich the lives of our customers, communities and colleagues. As Group President and CEO Bharat Masrani shares, The Ready Commitment will help people feel more confident, not just about their finances, but about their future. It is driven by a central belief that together we can help build inclusive futures, where everyone has the opportunity to succeed in a changing world.” (Masrani, 1) and what better way to do so by providing the additional service of an experienced accountant that delivers the additional service and support for their clients conveniences.
Introducing the service will attract more customers and clients but the bank will need to put their clients at ease by guaranteeing satisfaction and professionals that are being hired to do the job and provide that extra comfort step for a one stop shop for all our financial needs including filing our taxes.

Bharat Masrani. A message from Bharat Masrani.

2nd Response
 RE: Week 2 DiscussionCOLLAPSE
Hello, Dr. Crispin and classmates,
I will use the company AT&T as the focus for my marketing campaign. I happen to work for this company and see a great opportunity for marketing our products in a way that presents itself as a full solution to the issues concerning their communications, entertainment and security.
The service we offer now can be broken up into many ways. We have multiple platforms to bring customers what they need regarding entertainment and communications.  We are successful in some areas due to the plant we already have and are able to offer services that profitable but we lose out on revenue when it comes to rural communities due to distance and it may not seem as profitable to put out a fiber line that could service 15 customers compared to a service line of the same distance servicing 100 customers in an urban environment.
The cost and effective market demand are two things that are a potential roadblock with the opportunities before us.
We could come out with a full solution 5g product that can give speeds that support multiple TV’s and top shelf internet speeds that allow a house with 10 or more devices to stream seamlessly.  This also could incorporate a home security system that works wirelessly and connects with your mobile devices. A best in market price can be offered to our customers with this bundle. We currently bundle services and products but are limited due to availability in some instances.
This new service it cares for TV, Internet, security and mobile needs. It can be customized per customer request and can be offered anywhere we have a cellular footprint.
AT&T has a long history of branching out and evolving the way we communicate and improve our lives. Some may disagree but the company has made serious moves in the last decade alone to break into new markets and implement new technologies to be viable in our very competitive market.
The risks are not being able to come through with this type of service on our already very popular and busy network and we also have competitors who have similar strategies to gain market share. This also is a huge investment in the network which we have done in the past, but we are fresh off an acquisition and currently are restructuring to deal with operations in the most cost-efficient manner possible.


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