***Need in 8 hours*** Humanities Research Paper

Write an informed and well-crafted critique of a work of art you saw during this semester that you didn’t like or you didn’t understand, as long as it is not one you have written about already). You will do basic research on this work of art. You will be required to do the following in this assignment:

Find three scholarly resources using the Valencia library and/or databases (refer back to the instructions in Module 2). You can use physical books, ebooks, or articles. No internet sources allowed.
Directly quote your three scholarly sources when answering the question.
Conform to MLA guidelines in your response, including in-text citations and bibliographic information (refer back to the instructions in Module 2). 
Write about your work of art’s general and specific content, composition/form, and context (refer back to the instructions in Module 2).
Craft an essay, with a logical flow of sections. This is not an “opinion” essay, but an “analysis,” so keep discussion of personal feelings to a minimum.
Type and proofread your essay in a word processing software and follow all instructions as you complete it. Give me high quality, academic work. 
Must be at least 900 words total.

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***Need in 8 hours*** Humanities Research Paper
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Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper,” you could try the following searches:

Da Vinci Last Supper
Da Vinci
Last Supper
Renaissance Painting
Renaissance Italian Painting
Leonardo da Vinci

The point is that good researchers try different combinations of words to find information. You can search for “general” items too (like Renaissance Painting), to help finding information on general context or formal qualities.


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