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Using the information in the background readings as well as some research in peer-reviewed sources of your own, which clearly summarizes each of the items below. Include thorough speaker’s notes to further expand upon and explain your points. Use in-text citations on your slides, as well as a reference slide at the end of the presentation.

1.  Summarize the three types of assessment to be completed during utilization review. What is involved in each process and who completes this work? What is the health care manager’s specific role in the review?

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2.  Provide an example of how each of the three types of assessment are performed in the current health care settings. In your three examples, specifically explain how quality was/was not preserved, and how cost was/was not controlled.

3.  Describe the role of communication between all stakeholders involved in utilization review. Who are each of the stakeholders, and how should this communication take place? How are decisions best made and communicated, when the review involves competing interests among stakeholders (e.g., for off-label drug uses for terminal patients, handling bed shortages, etc.). 
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