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Record the first draft of your final presentation.
Provide evidence that you and your presentation are properly prepared for the review by a Board of Director.
Receive coaching to make adjustments to the presentation so that you are prepared for final presentation day.


Create and record your first draft of the visual and audio presentation that you will be presenting to your Board of Directors in Week 4.
Include all items outlined on the Assignment 4 Checklist(SEE ATTACHMENT) and take into consideration design and storytelling elements.  While each item needs to be addressed, it will be up to the group to determine the depth of information that is necessary in each section.  Spend more time on the items that best represent your solution, creates an emotional connection, and tells a compelling story to your Board of Directors.
Your presentation should be no more than 10 minutes long.  Please note there is no minimum time requirement, only a minimum content requirement.  
Review the Assignment 3 rubric below to familiarize yourself with expectations for what you will be evaluated on with this assignment submission.


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