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 List three processes in your organization that are considered “best practices” and describe how they meet the critical questions from Chapter 15 in the text. If your organization does not have a best practice, use the knowledge gained from the case studies and article reviews in class to describe your idea of a best practice. Respond to at least two of your fellow classmates’ postings. 

Best practices
Use of life cycle phases
Standardization and consistency
Use of templates [i.e., for statement of work (SOW), work breakdownstructure (WBS), risk management, etc.]
Providing military personnel in project management positions with ex-tended tours of duty at the same location
Use of integrated project teams (IPT)Control of contractor-generated scope changes
Use of earned value measurement” 

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 “CRITICAL QUESTIONSThere are several questions that must be addressed before an activity is recog-nized as a best practice. Three frequently asked questions include:
Who determines that an activity is a best practice?
How do you properly evaluate what you think is best practice to validate that in fact it is a true best practice?
How do you get executives to recognize that best practices are true value-added activities and should be championed by executive management?” 


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