New works 06/29

Work #1:
During week eight we will be focused on cost volume profit analysis. We will be looking at the ways that cost, volume, and profit interact. This can be critical for a business to understand. Failure to understand these items can lead to a business failing. For our discussion board post in week four please be sure to read chapter 7. Then locate a news article about a store or business that has shut down and provide a link to the article. Then provide a summary of the article in your own words and brainstorm why this business or store may have failed. Then answer the question “What are some aspects of cost volume profit that may have been at play that led to the closure of this business?” Be sure to integrate the concepts of cost volume profit that you are learning about this week into your post. 

Work #2:
What do you think is the single greatest physical threat to information systems? Fire? Hurricanes? Sabotage? Terrorism? Discuss this question and provide support for your answer. 

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New works 06/29
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Work #3:
Some organizations prohibit workers from bringing certain kinds of devices into the workplace, such as cameras, cell phones, and USB drives. Some businesses require employees to use clear or see-through backpacks when carrying personal items. What other devices might not be allowed in certain facilities, and why would they be restricted? The video on Google’s Data Center may give you some ideas to write about for this assignment.
Your written assignment should consist of 2-3 paragraphs.

Video #1 Link: 
Video #2 Link: 

Note: I got previous feedback similar to work#3 like that previous one
“Light on content missing some APA Check it”

For Work #3 please check above feedback and below points

1) Content: Some of you are being a little lite on content.  

2) APA Formatting: I have given the link to the OWL site over & over.

3) References: Also again there is an APA format you do not just  copy+paste the URL. In addition, references should not be older than 6 years (2014) 


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