Northern Virginia Community College Health Statistics Essay

For your final report, you will read an original public health research article and write a report inresponse. This report will be a minimum of 500 words (approximately 1 page single-spaced).
There should be a proper introduction and conclusion. Answer the questions listed below in the
body of your report. Please structure your report in paragraphs of full sentences. First, Read the
following public health research article:
Yuan, S., & He, Y. (2020). Effects of physical therapy on mental function in patients with stroke.
The Journal of international medical research, 48(2), 300060519861164.
Then, in no less than 500 words, answer the following ten questions:
1. Tell me what the article is about. What is the disease/condition being studied?
2. Who are the participants in this study? Think about a person, place, and time.
3. What is the treatment or intervention?
4. What outcome(s) did the researchers measure?
5. What tools did the researchers use to measure these outcome(s)?
6. What statistical analyses did the researchers use?
7. What does the article conclude about the intervention, given the results of the analyses?
8. Are the findings significant and/or impressive?
9. Do you think anything will change (clinical practice, etc.) because of this article?
10. Is there any additional information that would you like to know about these patients
(assuming you have access to this sample for follow-up studies)? If so, what? If not, why?

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Northern Virginia Community College Health Statistics Essay
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