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Hi Maria,
I am glad you have found some value in the course. Health care policy was never a favorite of mine, but having taught this for more than a year, I have developed an appreciation for it and a realization that we must all do our part.  Do you feel you have the support of the administration where you work to make the changes you mentioned, or will you need to lobby for support as well?
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Hi Maria,
Like you, I also learn how laws are made but also how much we can influence the policymakers if we speak up and unite our voices and forces. As nurses, providing quality, safe patient center care is our number one task. Through this course, I learned about gaps in policies and flaws and challenges faced by entire communities. Thank you for sharing your takeaways and surprises. I know you will be a great leader. This course has shaped us into more knowledgeable and educated professionals.

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