For your discussion this week please choose at least one question from each section. You should respond to a minimum of three questions for credit.

Ensure you are upholding professional and respectful communication with your peers and instructors. Please respond to your other classmates posts as required by the discussion board policies.

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Section 1:

What is the rational for not administering laxatives to patients with abdominal pain?
What is Helicopter pylori and how does it develop? 

What are the goals of drug therapy in the treatment of PUD?
Laxative abuse occurs most often during which age group and how can nurses educate patients regarding this issue?

What are the nursing implications when administering 

Section 2:

What can nurses do to help patients prepare and deal with the psychological toll of the physical and emotional toll of infertility treatments?
Magnesium sulfate is used to treat preeclampsia. How does this medication work to help this disorder? How does this medication affect the fetus?
Should Mifeprex be made available as an OTC med for women who want it?

Section 3:

What are Myxedema, Cretenism and Thyroid Storm? 

What OTC should the patient taking thyroid meds avoid and why?
What are the uses and precautions for I-131?
Should thyroid hormones be given for weight loss? 


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