nursing theory week 9

After reading chapters 19 and 20, please answer our discussion posts.
Discussion Question (Assignment worth 3 points) (Two Parts):
Part One
Reviewing the Nursing as Caring Theory, we come to understand that humans are intrinsically motivated to care for others. Based on this theory, how do you provide care for someone who is a criminal that needs care? (Example, a prisoner is brought to your unit for care, after being beaten for molesting a child).
Part Two
The transitions theory incorporates intervention and comprehension of what has taken place. How do you apply the transitions theory to your current nursing practice?
 Remember APA 6th edition formatting, grammar, in text citations, and references. Refer to the grading rubric below.

Please 250 words answer the questions, this will be my first post. 

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nursing theory week 9
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and then 200 words a summary,, this summary will be the replies for my classmates. 

total post : 450 words. 


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