nutrition activity

· You will document and analyze the nutrition of the food you eat for three days. 
· You may use SuperTracker from, myfitnesspal, myfitness, Fitbit app, or any kind of app that you like to track your food and exercise. It can even be a combination of apps (for example, endomondo syncs with myfitnesspal to add your exercise automatically). 
· The best way to do this is to enter what you ate or drank right after you do it. I don’t grade you on how good your diet is, but how well you can record and interpret data (yes, this is science! J ).
· If you use an app, you have to be able to show a summary of your food, food categories, and activity for each day. It may take you several screen shots. Ask for help if you don’t know how to take a screen shot on your phone or on your computer. 
· After you record your data, you will write an analysis paper, which will be graded based on the following rubric:
Grading Rubric
· Include Title page
· Include Reference page
· Include screen shot of final results of 3-day analysis 
· Describe your current eating habits
· Compare your current diet to the MyPlate guidelines including how many servings from each food group you consumed
· Compare and contrast MyPlate and the original Food Pyramid. What could be better with MyPlate?
· Explain modifications to your diet to best use the 6 classes of nutrients and recommended servings
· Include some nutrient rich foods you can add to your daily diet
· Explain how your new diet and nutrient intake will affect your current and future health 
· This should be 700 to 1000 word analysis of content above using at least 3 sources (your textbook and should be two of the minimum 3)
· Correctly use APA format

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nutrition activity
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