Only need a one page conclusion to be written.

The project is to design, model and analyze a mechanism using the synthesis and analysis tools learned in this course. Another objective is for students to use 3D CAD mechanism software to perform modeling and analysis of their mechanism of choice. Project requirements are listed below. All project requirements must be met in order to consider the project a success and obtain a passing grade:
1. The subject of the project must be a machine or a mechanism that performs a specific task or function in a real-world application.
2. It must include a six-bar (or higher) linkage. Cams, gears, and belts are desirable.
3. It must be powered by a crank (motor) or a dyad crank. 
4. It must have an industrial application.

Final Report
Write a professional project report presenting all details and results for their design. The report must include:
1. Cover page (project title and complete names of all team members).
2. A “Frame of Reference” section covering:
a. Introduction
b. Design motivation
c. How the product works
d. Discussion of the design (strengths, weaknesses, manufacturing considerations, estimated cost, potential customers, potential competitors)
e. Conclusions
i. Summary of results achieved
ii. Concluding remarks
iii. Lessons learned
iv. Areas of improvement
f. References
i. Books, journal papers or other work cited
g. Appendices:
i. Analysis results (limiting positions, velocities, accelerations, forces) presented clearly on plots or tables
ii. CAD drawings showing all dimensions and tolerances of all geometric features of each component
iii. Material used for each component and reasoning for material selection
iv. Views of the 3D model
v. Screenshots of the animation at various points in the range of motion
vi. Other appendices as needed

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