Organizational Improvement Planning

Part 1- Systems and Constraints Analysis of an Organization 

-Develop robust systems diagrams that capture the system behaviors and outcomes for your client’s organization. Include a 5-Whys “effect-cause-effect” analysis and a causal loop diagram (CLD) that identifies appropriate system constraints and delays and that also identifies the key system archetypes described in the case. (1 page for the 5-Whys diagram, 1 page for the CLD)

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Organizational Improvement Planning
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-Write a persuasive, prioritized description of your findings and recommendations that integrates the analyses you have performed. (3–4 pages)

Part 2: Executive Summary 

Write a brief executive summary description of your prioritized findings and recommendations. (1 page)

Part 3: Presentation of Recommendations

Create a presentation that lists your key findings (Slide 1) and relevant recommendations (Slide 2).


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