Outline and essay

Part 1: Outline Discussion
Now that we have spent time examining the structure of argument samples, researching, and preparing an outline.
the sample outline.
Part 2: Essay
Choose one question from the options below to form your answer to Essay 3.

To what degree, do you think the American Dream is possible in the United States? Why? 
To what degree, do you think the American Dream is possible for certain groups? Why? 
To what degree, does social class play in obtaining the American Dream? Why?

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Outline and essay
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You will need to take a position on the American Dream, and as you prepare for this topic, there are multiple ways of referring to the American Dream. Sources will argue opportunity, mobility, and meritocracy. 

Adam Ruins Everything: Why the American Dream is Myth
Horatio Alger’s Ragged Dick
Frontline/PBS Poor Kids
Richard Reeves and Eleanor Krause’s “Raj Chetty in 14 Charts: Big findings on opportunity and mobility we should all know”


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