outline love drugs

the first essay is about love drugs. What would an egoist think the right thing to do about love drugs is? AND WHY!? What would a Utilitarian think? A deontologist? Etc.
Here is a basic outline if you are unsure how to write your essays.
I. Topic (What is the question you are answering? For Example: The essay is about when, if ever, it is morally right to use chemicals to feel love.)
2. Issue (What is the issue in question? For example, love drugs are chemicals like viagra or oxytocin that directly or indirectly produce feelings of affection.)
3. Theory (What does the theory you are using say makes an action right or wrong? For example: Virtue ethics says that the character of the person performing an action must be developed according to wisdom in order to insure that whenever that person acts the thing  they do will be what the wise man would do.)
4. Application (When you take the theory and apply it to the action, what does it say? Take your time here and show me step by step how the conclusion you are going to draw follows from the theory you are using. Notice, for example, that virtue can be a tricky one. You’re not wise so you don’t know what the wise man would do. But you do know, in general, what counts as virtues and vices. Which ones are relevant to the issue? How to you practice them and promote them in others?)
5. Conclusion/Thesis (What does the theory you are using ultimately recommend in regard to the issue. The reason the theory and conclusion are the same here is that you aren’t actually writing a full essay here. More like an introduction to an essay where you outline the steps of the argument without going into every detail. For example, According to virtue ethics, love drugs should be used in X situation for Y reason.)
Citations are required for any words or ideas derived from beyond your own thinking! NO plagiarism!
Even if you did poorly on the exam, it is not over for you. You just need to do well from here on out.

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outline love drugs
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