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Newegg Inc. is a retailer who only sells their products online, they offer customers an extensive variety of the newest consumer electronics products, they show thorough product descriptions as well as images, how to use the product, and reviews from other customers. Utilizing this site’s online tech community, consumers have the chance to communicate with different computer, consumer electronic geeks, and gamers.

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Newegg creates value by selling not only tech products but other types of products such as office supplies, health, beauty, and automotive materials. Consumers like to buy from Newegg because they are getting great discounts, sometimes up to 80% off for the computer hardware, if we compare these prices to other major online and in-store retailers, this Newegg is way cheaper, a bonus to that is all their purchases are tax free in most states across the nation. Newegg also have mail-in rebate deals on top of already low prices. Newegg offers customers a discount on higher – volume purchases.

The company captures value by offering services just like Amazon Prime but called Newegg Premier which cost only $49.99 annually. Newegg also lets suppliers sell on their platform and does fulfillment like Amazon for a great fee. Similar to “Amazon Basic,” Newegg manufactures their own brand for computer components called “Rosewill.”

In my opinion, Newegg is the company that can help you save money on purchases of electronics or help you make some money if you are planning on starting a computer business.”


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