Parents and Their Children.

Parents and Their Children.

Most parents do not seem to be concerned with the possible outcome of this problem within their families. Moreover, this problem is closely correlated with Judaism and Christianity which are considered as the world’s greatest religions. In most cases, sibling rivalry is attributed to hostility between siblings. This antagonism can be depicted in numerous methods, which are extremely dangerous. This shows that this conflict usually involves aggression. however, sibling rivalry is not related to sibling abuse. Sibling abuse is a situation whereby a child oppresses the other through unnoticeable techniques (Susan, 1992).

According to psychologists, sibling rivalry can be defined as a form of competition that crops up among children in a home (Susan, 1992). This can also be referred to as enmity among children whether they are blood-related or not. In most cases, the rivalry arises from several factors that are contained either outside or within the family. Some of the factors include personality of the children, birth order, treatment of children by the parents and life experiences. This contention vastly affects children who are of the same gender or those who are born at a close range.

As explained by most child psychologists, this issue is widespread and can involve belligerence among the children. In addition, the factors largely contribute to this conflict. For example, parental treatment is said to affect children, even in their teenage years. When these issues are not resolved, then the children might end up hurting each other or even killing their fellow siblings. Reports show that children of age 10-15 are those affected largely by sibling rivalry with the main issue being intellectuality. In prolonged situations, these jealousy issues can thrive to adulthood (Faber & Mazlish, 2012). This can negatively affect the whole family line.


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