Part 4: BRD

Assignment Content

    This week, you will continue building the components of your business requirements document for Hollywood Organic Co-op. Last week you outlined how to electronically move data around in an EDMS. This week, you will further analyze Hollywood Organic Co-op’s workflow process as the e-documents move through the life cycle, with a focus on the disposition of the documents.

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Part 4: BRD
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Create a 2- to 4-page list in which you:

Define the policies to apply to documents so that document-related controls are audited, documents are retained or disposed of properly, and content important to the organization is protected.
Describe how documents are converted as they transition from one stage to another during their life cycles.
Explain how e-documents are treated as corporate records that must be retained according to legal requirements and corporate guidelines.
Recommend tools that are required to support disposing of information assets.
Note: You may format this assignment in a bulleted list, document table, or other methods of your choice in a Microsoft® Word document. A narrative or formal paper is not required.

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