Patient Care Procedures

1.  What are pathogenic microorganisms?
2.  How does the body prevent and invasion and subsequent infection naturally?
3.  Given the six condition that favor the growth of pathogens and explain how you can alter the growth and reproduction?
4.  Explain why wearing exam gloves does not replace hand washing,
5.  What level of disinfection would you use to clean a reusable instrument that comes into contact with the vaginal mucosa, such as a vaginal speculum? Why?
6.  How the personal protective equipment help to protect you against contracting and infection or communicable diseases?
7.  Which virus is more a threat to the clinical medical assistant: HIV or HBV?
8.  Develop a written police for new employees regarding disinfecting individuals examination rooms in medical office. Be specific and include issues related to safety
9.  Relate 3 blood- borne pathogens that may cause disease in humans.
10.  Why the gloves must be removed first.

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Patient Care Procedures
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