Perspective writings

Perspective Writing#1

Imagine yourself as a leader in your future, dream job occupation.
For example, if you are going to school for nursing, imagine yourself as the nurse leader or a nurse practitioner.
Compose a two-three page writing piece that describes how you would handle the following issue:

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Perspective writings
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Tyler is usually an amazing employee- but recently, his behaviors have changed. He is standoffish; it seems like his mind is somewhere else. After asking a few times, he noted nothing was wrong….he kinda laughed it off. A few more days went by and they were okay. Then I saw it. Tyler was stealing supplies from the storage room. He didn’t see me, but I definitely saw him.

Your writing piece should be in Times New Roman font size 12, double-spaced with 1X1 margins.

Perspective Writing #2

You are Tyler. Explain your side

Same requirements:
Times New Roman font size 12, double-spaced with 1X1 margins. and two-three pages


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