PHL essay

Use the resources provided to  presents a cautionary tale that challenges our behavior towards the environment and answer the question below:

Briefly establish Carson’s primary concerns and her hopes.
Make an argument that supports Carson’s basic concerns or make an argument that refutes her concerns.
Since Silent Spring was published over 50 years ago, how have Carson’s concerns of our environment fared?
Write a critical response to the current Covid-19 pandemic and issues related to information ethics using Carson’s work. 

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PHL essay
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How does Carson’s concern for sharing information on pesticides, in her mind, critical for world environmental safety, parallel information sharing in today’s Covid-19 pandemic situation?  
Is there enough global information sharing to address the pandemic?  
How is this an ethical issue in today’s existence?  Is it reasonable and ethical to keep information from anyone involved with combating the pandemic?  Give examples of ethical information sharing and examples of unethical information sharing.  


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