Physical Therapist

Section III: Becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant Student 
Assignment 1 Chapters 8-10 (36pts)
(Must be handwritten and IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Use black ink).
Chapter 8: Managing the learning process
Read Pages 89-94
1) How do I improve retention and comprehension? (3pts) 
· Information processing
· Concept formation
· Improving memory and retention
Provide ONE example for each of the above that YOU can apply when studying course material to help you with retaining and understanding the information.
(1 pt. each)
2) What is psychomotor learning? 
3) What are the 4 basic skills of learning? 
4) What are some indicators that may require you to adjust or withhold a patient’s treatment?
5) What is the difference between novice and expert?
6) Steps to better information processing! (7pts)


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Physical Therapist
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Identify the Key Cues

What is a cue? Give one   example. 

Organize and Prioritize the Cues 

What are some of the   categories of patient information? How can this be used to help during an   intervention?

Reviewing the Pattern

What is the Guide to   Physical Therapy Practice?

Identify deviations from the Pattern

(Read the grey box)
How can you identify a   deviation with a patient? What should you do?

Synthesize and Draw Conclusion; for a “plan of action” NOT   “plan of care”. 

“So what?” What are the   reasons you need to know as much information as possible about the patient   and diagnosis/ disease progressions? 

Mentation and Reflection

Define. Give an example   for each. 

Lifelong, self directed learning

Why is this important?   What is “our” biggest resource to infromation with all aspects of Physical   Therapy? 

Chapter 9: Will I do well enough?
Read pages 97-104
1) (10pts) Complete weekly planner (attached) & fill out comments box with any “activities” or questions you are unsure of where they will fit in your schedule as an SPTA at FNU. 
(1 pt. each)
2) You have not slept all night and you barely ate breakfast. You are about to begin a Practical Lab Exam, you have a “real patient” and 35minutes to complete all your tests/ data collection on them.. Your professor is watching you and the camera is pointing right at you… you panic! How do you overcome this? How do you control your performance anxiety?
3) What are two things you can control in order to help manage your stress during the program? 
HONESTY IS (10pts)
· Identify YOUR problem; (highlight all that apply)
Time Management
Limited Clinical background
Unable to see big picture
Career doubts 
· NOW TAKE ACTION! Answer honestly!
Life style- do you have a healthy lifestyle?
Study habits- What works for you?
Use your resources- What helps you the most?
What is your relaxation response or method? – FIGURE THIS OUT NOW & PUT IT INTO PRACTICE!
Table 9-4; Which pattern of thinking are you? (List all that apply)


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