PICOT Clinical Question

PICOT Course Project- Clinical Question

Topic of interest:

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PICOT Clinical Question
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In A group of patients living in a long-term nursing home facility, (Patient population) how effective is repositioning every two hours (Intervention) compared to not repositioning every two hours (Comparison) in reducing the risk for pressure ulcers (Outcome) during two months stay?

please see attached  PowerPoint for further instructions on the assignment.

Peered Review Scholarly articles Please.
1. Identifies in detail the reason for choosing the topic 
2.  Completely outlines the PICOT question
3.  Completely identifies and reviews the method for possible integration of evidence found in clinical practice. 
4.  Fully evaluates the effectiveness of implementation methods. 
5.  Paper is 2-3 pages in length (not including title page & reference  page), written in APA format, spelling errors do not detract reader from  the message 



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