plan for continuing professional growth in leadership and management, and/or managing your own career growth

This is an individual paper due at the end of the semester that creates a plan for professional development based on the information presented in Chapters assigned in Unit V and the experiences that have occurred throughout this course. The plan covers what you intend to do in the future to incorporate the topics and actions covered in Unit V as well as one chapter from your readings. There are six chapters to cover in all.The format for this assignment is that of a formal, written paper in APA style, 6 pages excluding title and reference pages. Since the topic of the paper is “you,” you may use the “I” (first person) in your paper. This paper is intended to be your plan for continuing professional growth in leadership and management, and/or managing your own career growth. Students must demonstrate how they will apply information from the assigned readings as shown below. The paper will demonstrate individual application of the topics to personal growth plans rather than providing a recap of the chapter contents.The professional development plan assignment is due in Week 15 (you may submit sooner if you wish).Scoring for Professional Development PlanRequirement is 6 pages (excludes title page and Reference page if any)CompetencyPoints possibleDiscussion of application of content from EACH of these 6 chapters.• Content is personalized to the plan and pertinent to personal growth.• includes one action item and time frame from EACH of the Unit 5 chapters (5 chapters)• Personalize a description of how you implemented leadership in a topic of your own choosing from Units 1-4 listed below (one chapter outside of Unit 5 – see list of acceptable chapters listed below).• Six chapters are to be covered in your paper, with appropriate APA level heading for each chapterMANDATORY CHAPTERS FROM UNIT VCh 7: Managing Self: Stress and TimeCh 9: Power, Politics, and InfluenceCh 26: Role TransitionCh 27: Managing Your CareerCh 31: Thriving for the FutureSELECT ONE – Also include demonstration of your own leadership from ONE of these chapters (choose one):Ch 2: Managing Quality and Risk Ch 15: Decision Making and Problem SolvingCh 16: Managing Information and Technology Ch 17: Delegation: An Art of Professional PracticeCh 18: Leading Change 12 (two points per chapter; six chapters total)Personalized discussion of strengths and areas for improvement drawn from your own experiences/self-knowledge, any Reflection assignments and/or discussions in class. 4 APA style ~use of level headings for each of the topics and chapters, grammar/spellingYou may use this resource to assist you with correct APA style: errors, no use of level headings and lack of editing will result in zero points 4 TOTAL POINTS POSSIBLE20Book name: Yoder-Wise, P. S. (2019). Leading and managing in nursing. (7th ed.). St. Louis: Mosby, Inc. ISBN: 978-0-323-44913-7

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plan for continuing professional growth in leadership and management, and/or managing your own career growth
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