Plant Patent

Topic: Plant Patent 

Issued Patent.  One US patent noting the number, title, and filing date of an ISSUED US PATENT on the topic you chose and the expiration date for that patent (and why you believe that is the date).
PCT filing.  One PCT filed published application on the same topic
Search by Inventor.  Find one patent number and title issued with Paul Allenza (one of the UMGC biotechnology instructors) as one of the inventors.  Also find one PCT-filed application with Allenza as one of the inventors but which never became a US-issued patent. Also give two possible reasons (no more than 3-4 words for each reason!) why some applications [eg some of Paul Allenza’s PCT published applications] may never show up as US issued patents.
General.  What does PCT stand for?  Explain why the PCT patent database search is an important tool for a biotechnology researcher in the US.   

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Plant Patent
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