Policy-making process.

Policy-making process.

At this stage, the makers select the policy tools to use to address the problem after the enactment (Birkland 26). The enactment implies the passage of the law and issuance of regulation that take a particular course to solve the problem. Reaching the formal decision leads the implementation stage. Publicizing the policy is critical in the implementation stage. The policymakers create statements that consist of clear parameters including the targets, conditions, and restrictions (Birkland 27). Evaluation is the last stage in the policymaking process, and results of the assessment provide feedback to the process. The members can decide to change or create a new policy.

The Immigration Policy in the United States typifies the five stages of policy-making policy. The policy has attracted spirited debates, and key citizens, including the president call for changes in immigration policy. The formation of the Immigration Policy dates back in 1924 although various reforms have taken place after the evaluation stage of the policy-making process. The policy-makers identified that illegal immigrants of African and Asian origin were getting into the United States in enormous numbers (Renwick and Lee). The natives were extremely hostile towards the immigrants. Hence, the identification stage intended to control the influx of the immigrants. After the identification of the immigrants menace in US, the policymakers brainstormed on the methods to control the entry of the immigrants to the US. The proponents suggested that the immigrants provided cheap labor while opponents contended the aliens posed a threat to the job market. The policymakers set restrictions on the immigrants and established methods of banning the immigrants from the Asian continent. The policymakers settled for the enactment of the laws to govern the immigration.


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