Politics and society in the Middle East

Orientalism Project
For this assignment you are to pick a piece of art or media that contains depictions of the Middle East. Through a close read/viewing of your chosen work, you are to critique how the region is being represented. In your writing should provide:
-Start with a description of Orientalism.  What is it and how is it defined by Said? (Think back to when you watched On Orientalism by Edward Said. )
-A description of the work.  Be descriptive, but focus on what makes the work orientalist!
-In what ways does the MENA get represented in the work? 
-Does the work claim any authority about the region?
-Does the work present any tropes about the region reproduced from other sources?
-How is Said’s critique applicable to critiquing the work you have chosen?

Your assignment should be written in clear prose, as well as analyze your chosen work. 
You are to provide a copy, photograph, or link to the work.  If the work is a film, please provide a link to the trailer.  
Please turn in the assignment in Times New Roman, 12 in. font with 1” margins.  
Should be 3-4 pages double-spaced.

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Politics and society in the Middle East
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