Portfolio Theory

Folks, I would like you to think about TECH stocks and how they have affected the recent and robust rally in the stock market the last 2 months.
In your asset allocation project, I asked all of you to design a diversified portfolio of ETFs to meet your long-term growth and income objectives.  ETFS are a wonderful investment tool for real-life portfolios and this project because ETFs are passive investments that contain thousands of securities within its specific asset class.  Additionally, ETFS are inexpensive and their performance tends to replicate the overall market 95% of the time.
What would happen, however, if you added some of the popular Large Cap Tech stocks to your portfolio in place of your ETFs?  If you added Apple, Tesla, and Amazon to your portfolio now, talk to me about the impact on potential growth, volatility, income and expense.  Is the potential reward worth the risk.  Please read the attached article to Barrons to help you draft your response. I hope you like this article!

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Portfolio Theory
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