Powerpoint Presentation APA format

 Parent accountability. Pro argue parents should be held accountable for their children ages 13 – 17 who commit delinquent acts.  
Fully research your topic.  This is not based on opinion.  Although  you may have an opinion on the issue, you need research/empirical data  to support your position.  
This is an academic assignment.
Make sure you have a minimum of 10 to 15 slides – this does not include your cover slide or your reference slide.
Provide a cover slide with the name of your presentation, your name, our course name, my name and the date.
All slides must have in-text citations according to APA format.  Reference your work.
You must utilize at least 4 sources for this assignment.  
One of your sources must be a journal article.  
 The other two sources can be a combination of journal articles,  government reports, books, etc.  Any source you use must be a reputable  source. 
You must have a reference slide which lists all of your sources in APA format.

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Powerpoint Presentation APA format
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