PPT 10 slides, 175 word memo (2 citation) MGT/312 Organizational Behaviors for Managers

Scenario: You have worked at your current employer for five years. Recently your company merged with a much larger Boston Accounting Firm to improve efficiencies, increase revenues, cut costs and adopt best practices in the industry. After the merger, you find yourself on a team of four other individuals whom you have never met. Each individual is from a different department: Auditing, Tax, Corporate Governance, Legal, and Insurance. The purpose of your team is to downsize your department in terms of employees.
Create a 10-slide restructuring/downsizing plan presentation, with speaker notes included, which can be used in each department. The plan should answer the following questions:

Why is the change needed?
What will change?
Who will be affected?
How will they be affected?
How will potential conflict be managed?
How will trust be strengthened or repaired?
How will power be shared in the organization after the restructuring/downsizing?
What tactics will be used to achieve a successful restructuring/downsizing transition? What tactics will be avoided?
What are the benefits of the planned changes?
What is the timeframe of implementation?
How will changes be communicated to the employees?

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PPT 10 slides, 175 word memo (2 citation) MGT/312 Organizational Behaviors for Managers
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Write up a 175-word company-wide memo that can be used by the CEO to communicate the change plan to the employees.
Cite a minimum of 2 references. One of the references must be the course textbook.
Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines. 


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