Practice in English.

Practice in English.

I have improved upon the following skills, but I still need some on working them: introductions/ conclusions, argument/persuasion, evidence/support, sentence/paragraph structure and staying on topic. I will need more, significant work on tone, revision, meeting/staying within page length, pre-writing and transitions.

When I started the course, I was not even aware of the dynamics of writing. However, I was introduced to the various elements involved in good writing, and the first component that struck me and I wanted to specialize in was the ability to summarize. I practiced a lot on this because I thought it contained many subsidiary skills of writing related to identifying and choosing the significant ideas, editing, organizing and so on. I could say that I have mastered this skill after some dedicated hours of work. I have also mastered the skill of responding to a reading. For this, I spent quality time to read things carefully and to identify the main and supporting arguments. I am convinced now that my responses could be effective only if I understand properly whatever I read. I have improved drastically with my word choices. Earlier, I used to believe that words did not matter much as long as the content was significant. Now I am aware that the content can be made significant only if the right words are used. With the proper choice of words, I reached high levels of clarity as well. Before I start writing anything, I try to identify my thoughts clearly and ask myself whether this could be presented with clarity. With the help of my professor, I could identify various formats of writing and can claim that I am adept at it now. Though it all seemed restricting in the beginning, I was able to grasp the logic that worked with every format, and this helped me a lot to master them.


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