Prepping for a phone interview

You have been selected for a phone interview for an online teaching job you applied to several weeks ago. Throughout the initial portion of the call, you surmise that the interviewer is using the behavior-based approach, asking you to talk about “a time” when you had to handle a particular situation or when you had to demonstrate skill or knowledge in an area. The interviewer asks the following questions – how do you answer them

1. Tell me about a time when you encountered a difficult student and how you handled it. This can be an online student if you have taught online before, a face-to-face student if you have not, or someone in any sort of online communication (in the event you are just starting out your teaching career). 
2. Tell me about a time you demonstrated empathy to a student (online, offline, or another person to whom you had a mentoring-type role). 
3. Tell me about a time you had to reach out and engage your students (or others in any group environment) in order to teach them a particularly difficult or complex topic.
4. Tell me about a time when your knowledge of FERPA was important to creating an ethical teaching atmosphere? If you have yet to teach, talk about how you will be mindful of FERPA in your online classroom. 

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Prepping for a phone interview
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