Price of Ignorance

Price of Ignorance

From this paper it is clear that a tendency of killing a person or a group of people for the sake of certain ideology and the united cruelty against common enemy in order to protect the current world. The scariest thing in this movie is not the actions of the radical party itself – but the multiple examples of similar behavior through the world as a part of everyday life of our peaceful and stable society.As the essay highlights the face of a conflict itself can be seen perfectly. There is a description of power as something unsuitable to provide neither legal protection of the country, nor freedom and luxury for common citizens. There are people that work outside the system. for they see that system itself is an illusion. Anwar Congo laughs at the Geneva Convention, as he understands it’s temporal and imposed value. He is right, for nearly each conflict can boast with its violation – and latter covering of the consequences. And, when everything is over, it turns out that ones who kill millions of people are not monsters – there were just two groups of ideologically different people and only one has survived in order to prevent the destruction of its world.&nbsp.It would be adequate to compare «The Act of Killing» with any Hollywood film that is shot from the antagonist’s point of view. The scariest thing is that such history, being well produced and not documental would probably have been popular.


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