Prisoner’s Rights

Prisoner’s Rights (Significant Case)

For this assignment complete an essay detailing the significance of the case assigned (not a brief, but an essay). Include why the offender was arrested and a brief description of there journey through the criminal justice system. Most significantly, include what effects this case has had on the criminal justice system, if any. 

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Prisoner’s Rights
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In your book, it mentions solitary confinement.  It states that the courts have upheld the separation of troublesome inmates from the general population of inmates. What the book does not include is the use of solitary confinement with mentally ill inmates.  Many times solitary conditions can worsen issues or symptons an inmate is already experiencing.  Mentally ill inmates often find it difficult to follow structured rules or adapt to the environment of jail / prison and many times violate facility rules ending-up in solitary confinement.  However, in most cases there are very few tools a correctional officer has to manage this type of inmate.  Should mentally ill inmates receive jail / prison time for there crimes or be sentenced to mental health hospitals.  Also, should the use of solitary confinement be used to confine these inmate if it will worsen their condition.

1. Need 2 full pages
2.  Need to have book 
Book title: Corrections Today, 4th Edition
ISBN number: 978-1-337-09185-5


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