Professional Use of Social Media

Social media has great potential for communicating a professional online presence. Organizations also use social media for marketing, promotion of corporate social responsibility, and communication to all stakeholders. In this discussion, you will present your ideas on this topic as it relates to communicating your online presence as well as research ways organizations use social media for communicating a professional image.For this discussion, response to the following questions with examples and references to support your opinion:In your opinion, what is professional use of social media?What are some ways to communicate professionally through social media?Research an organization’s use of social media for promoting a professional online presence. Describe ways the organization uses social media in a professional context.Focus on ways you can use social media to promote a professional online presence as well as ways an organization in your specific field uses social media to promote the organization. Share the results of your research and identify professional use of social media.

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Professional Use of Social Media
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