Project 1

Project One
Complete Chapter 2 Case Project 4 “Evaluate Vendor Support Sites”  (pages 101-102 in the printed text). Feel free to evaluate other computer hardware vendors, providing they have customer support Web site, or use three of the ones listed in the project. As you compare three of the vendor support sites make sure you:

Include the URL of EACH company,
Address (at a minimum) the six questions shown in this exercise.
At the end of your document, include a final paragraph stating which of the three companies you chose seems to have the best customer service.
Find the mission statement for the one company you felt offered the best customer service (based on your evaluation of the support site), and note if customer service is a stated part of the corporate mission. If you are unable to find a mission statement, find some description of the company’s purpose or goals. (You may use a 3rd party site if you are unable to find this information on the company’s home page) Include both that statement, and the Web address where you found that statement in your closing paragraph.

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Project 1
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You might also want to check for ratings of this company’s customer support on other websites (NOTE: Don’t look at ratings of specific products, only the company support). If you use other Web sites, make sure you include a citation as to where you obtained the information.
Spelling, grammar, correct citations, and content will all influence your project grade.


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