Provide a 50-75 word discussion reply to the following post below.

NIMBY  is essentially “not in my backyard” and is a mentality that a civic  need for a rehab facility or jail built in a neighborhood will drive up  crime and cause property values to dip. 
*How can NIMBY affect the economy, jobs, and growth?
     In theory theory big projects like a jail or even the explosion  of job growth in silicon valley should mean an influx in jobs and the  economy. This isn’t always the case unfortunately. NIMBYism is bad  for the nation as a whole. Even though labor productivity has grown the  most over the last few decades in three specific U.S. cities: New York,  San Francisco, and San Jose: that local growth hasn’t translated to  greater national growth at all, thanks to a lack of housing.
* How can NIMBY affect the advancement of the Smart Grid?   
To  advance the smart grid there needs to be land occupied to increase the  advancement. Many residents don’t want that kind of eyesore in there  neighborhood even if they could be dealing with unsatisfactory  consistent power delivery. Their needs to be a compromise to meet energy  needs but having the NIMBY attitude will halt progress. 

* Has NIMBY affected any energy-related projects in your area? Has it been resolved?

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Provide a 50-75 word discussion reply to the following post below.
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I  cant find any energy related projects that were halted due to NIMBY,  however their have been many housing projects that have been met with  much resistance. A particular district in downtown that is more  dedicated to the arts and musicians and has a very homegrown artsy feel.  Over time this area has been slowly developed and the property values  are very high and the demand for living space has gone up. There was a  apartment complex scheduled to be built but many protested this  decision. Ultimately the project is now moving forward but compromises  were made on how high this complex can be to maintain the aesthetic the  community desired. 

Capps, K. (June 5, 2015). NIMBYism Is a Huge Drag on America’s Economic Growth. Retrieved from: (Links to an external site.) 


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