PSY 380 GCU Impact of Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy Mental Wellness Analysis

PSY-380 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Project 2
For this assignment, you will review the two scholarly articles:

Read “Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Group Program for Mental Health Promotion of
University Students,” by Lee & Lee, from International Journal of Environmental
Research and Public Health (2020).
Read “The Stigma Scale: A Canadian Perspective,” by Meier et al., from Social Work
Research (2015).
Both articles are from psychology journals and utilize hypothesis testing and a quantitative
method. Review both articles, then select one and respond to the following questions in 750 1000 words. This does not include the instructions or the question stems, so before submitting
your document to LopesWrite, delete the question stems and the directions to the assignment.
Include the title and your answers to each question.
Provide the APA reference of the article you chose
Describe the study. What was the purpose of the study/or research question(s)?
Identify which test statistic was used. Did they use more than one test statistic? Explain.
Report the statistical results for all tests (using correct APA style formatting).
Interpret and explain the statistical results. Was the hypothesis supported? Explain.
Describe the limitations to the study and suggestions for future research.
How do results from this study contribute to research in behavioral health?
How will the results of this study impact practice in behavioral health?
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PSY 380 GCU Impact of Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy Mental Wellness Analysis
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