Research is one of the most important aspects of I/O Psychology.

You will be choosing one topic from Industrial Psychology for your research paper. 
Once you have selected your topic, select a minimum of two (2) peer-reviewed scientifically researched articles that relate to the topic you have chosen. You will be using one of your articles for the article review, and one to additionally support your arguments.

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You may complete your research through the library system at LTU using the following psychology guide –, a database such as psycinfo, the internet or research journals. 

Try to choose research articles that hold interest for you and also add value to the workplace. 
Choose recently written articles (since 1990).  This is a requirement. 
Do not choose articles based on length.  Often short articles are the most difficult to research.
AssuAssignment 2
Case study  Read the applied Case Study on p.198 of your textbook, City of New London, Connecticut Police Department. Please carefully review the case study rubric under


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