Quantitative Analysis data set online

BUSA 3000: Quantitative Analysis for BusinessExtra Credit Opportunity
Directions: This assignment is entirely optional, but if you choose to do it, is due on the day of
Exam 3. It will not be accepted after that day for any reason, but you may turn it in early. Upload
your answers as a PDF file (not another file type) to D2L in the appropriate Assignments
folder. If you complete the assignment exactly as described here, and your statistics are free of
errors, then your lowest problem set grade (including a 0% grade from a problem set you didn’t
turn in) will be dropped when your overall course grade is calculated at the end of the semester.
You may use any statistical software you want (e.g., Microsoft Excel) to complete this assignment.
Step 1. Find an interesting (and free) data set online that has a sample size of at least 100 (𝑛 ≥
100) and at least 5 variables. The data must be “real,” meaning it must describe something in the
real world (an example data set from another stats class is not allowed, for example). This
assignment is individual, not a group assignment, and no two students may use the same data set.
Start a Microsoft Word answer file by putting your name at the top, followed by a link and
description of the data set.
Step 2. Create a summary statistics table for your data. This table should have 5 columns: variable
name (an actually name, not a code or nickname), mean, (sample) standard deviation, minimum,
and maximum. All 4 of those statistics should be shown for all variables. Add this table to your
Word file.
Step 3. Run a hypothesis test of your choice (any kind of statistical hypothesis test) on 1 or more
of your variables. The test should make some sense and be worth doing. For example, a test to see
if the average age of Americans (about 38 years) is equal to the average income of Americans
(over $60,000) is not a worthy test. Add the results of the test to your Word file. You must report
the null hypothesis (𝐻0 ) and the p-value, but can report more than that if you like.
Step 4. Run a regression of your choice on your data. Add the regression results to your Word file
in the form of a new table. You must report all coefficients, standard errors, p-values, and R2, but
you may show more than that if you like.
Step 5. Write 2 paragraphs (at least 10 sentences in total) about what you learned from Steps 2-4
and add that paragraph as the 5th and final item to your Word file. Export the file as a PDF (one
simple way to do that is using the Save As function and selecting PDF under “Save as type”).
Upload this single PDF file to D2L in the appropriate Assignments folder, unless the professor
requires you to submit a physical copy in person.
The professor may require you to submit your data set to check your answers to Steps 2-4.
So, keep track of your data. If you are asked to provide it and are not able to, you will not
receive credit for this assignment.

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Quantitative Analysis data set online
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