Due Date: 08/01/2020

Time: 6 pm Darwin Time

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Words: 350 – 400 each (excluding references)

References: APA 6th edition (minimum 2 references)

Question 1 (350-400 words): Explain the concept of organisational learning based on the frameworks and theories provided by Garvin et al. (2008) and, Popper and Liphitz (2000). Comment on your placement host agency’s (Food Bank NT) organisational learning and include recommendations regarding areas for improvement.

Set and recommended readings for question 1:

· Garvin, D., Edmonson, A., Gino, F. (2008). Is Yours a Learning Organization? Harvard Business Review83(3), 109-116. LINK

· Popper, M. & Liphitz, R. (2000). Organizational Learning: Mechanisms, Culture, and Feasibility. Management Learning, 31(2), 181-196. LINK

Example answer for question 1 by another student (please do not copy & paste or paraphrase from here):

The concept of organisational learning is based on several factors and practices for improvement. With the tougher competition, the technology-based value and customer preferences are there to help the company adopting faster (Garvin, Edmonson & Gino, 2008). It is incorporated to achieve the idea by building a learning capability and organisation that benefits the company. It helps to be enforced with the view and evaluating the organisational ideal deal. The performance is assessed and evidenced to reach the strategic goal for concentrated at establishing the culture. It evaluates for establishing the performance and cultural fact that benefits the organisation by diagnosing organisational deal. Learning based framework has a manner of articulation with the clear vision and right incentives that confirms mounting force and the publication to transfer the knowledge and cultivated tolerance. Foodbank NT can assist the considerable expansion with the organisational learning and development. It implements and requires a culture that consists of commitment to learning transparency, knowledge and accountability (Popper & Liphitz, 2000). It involves true leadership, commitment and professionalism for learning mechanisms within the culture. Accountability and orientation have a high level of commitment and mechanism factor that the Foodbank NT can implement to manage and contribute in evolving and claiming the progression accurately with others. There are different sources to build for the manager as well as the employees regarding the support learning, process leadership, retention and others.

It is utilised to develop and transfer the source of competitive advantage that results in the leadership comparison to integrate systematic learning practice and poor code measurement. Foodbank NT can be recommended to improve the leadership style they follow. It is included to develop the comparative performance with critical scorecard in a certain area of learning behaviour (Garvin, Edmonson & Gino, 2008). The analysis is included for being productive and diagnosed to foster learning. They need to develop the institutionalized learning mechanism by developing knowledge, transparency and accountability for the employees.

Question 2 (350-400 words): Based on the set and recommended learning resources, what is ‘professionalism’? Provide definitions and examples of professionalism and professional behaviour in your chosen field of practice (e.g. community development or international aid and development). Would you argue that there are downsides of ‘professionalising’ a field of practice (e.g. community development or international aid and development)?

Set and recommended readings for question 2:

· Ife, J. (2013). Practice issues. In J. Ife, Community Development in an Uncertain World (pp. 365-394). Port Melbourne: Cambridge University Press.

· Roth, S. (2012). professionalisation Trends and Inequality: experiences and practices in aid relationships. Third World Quarterley, 33(8), 1459-1474. LINK

· United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (2017, May 25). Professionalisation of the resilience community: experience from the Pacific [Video file]. YouTube LINK

· Environmental Change & Security Program (ECSP) (2011, April 7). Frederick M. Burkle, Jr. – Lessons from Haiti: Professionalizing Humanitarian Assistance [Video file]. YouTube LINK

Question 2 does not have an example answer from another student

NOTE: Please write each answer in separate word documents with references.


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