Quiz 1

Please respond to the following short answers. Each answer should be at least have two paragraphs long. The quiz is open book, you can use the information from lectures, readings, class discussion and current events to answer the questions. Use your own words in answering questions and avoid including long quotes.
1) How would you define vertical integration and what would be a good example of it in mass media?

2) Consider the two-step flow theory that comes out of the Columbia school of research. Briefly describe the theory in your own words and talk about one way you could apply the theory to our current social landscape (think about our contemporary system of social relationships and our current media system). 

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Quiz 1
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3) Do you think that cultivation theory could still be a valid theory in today’s society? Yes or no? Briefly defend your position providing supporting evidence from lectures and/or readings, discussion and current events.

4) Think about at the current protests against police brutality and systemic racism through the lens of ONE of these theory discussed in class: agenda setting theory, framing or priming (CHOOSE ONLY ONE). Briefly explain what we could learn about the protests against police brutality using one of the three theories.

5) Choose one of the factors that are the root of standardization in American journalism (objectivity, beats, routines, demographics, and news values) . How does that particular factor contribute to standardization and homogeneity in American journalism? Use at least one example from lectures and/ or current events. (CHOOSE ONLY ONE FACTOR for your answer)


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