Read the following from The Best American Magazine Writing 2013:

INSTRUCTIONS:Read the following from The Best American Magazine Writing 2013:Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s “School of Hate”Dexter Filkins’s “Atonement”Initial Response: During this semester, you have learned how to apply criteria to evaluate and compare literary nonfiction and how to use questions related to nonfiction forms and elements to determine an essay’s theme. For this initial response, I want you to actively read the essays by Erdely and Filkins. What are their essays’ themes? Also, what nonfiction forms and elements helped you arrive at that understanding of theme? Think about everything you have learned regarding nonfiction forms (slice of history, sense of place, personal experience, personal opinion, biographical sketch, personal reflection) AND nonfiction elements (point-of-view, characters, plot, structure, setting, style) when answering that question. Additionally, conclude your initial response by answering the following:Despite an author’s attempt to convey one theme, an essay is open to multiple interpretations, all of which can be correct. Do you agree with that statement? Why or why not? Please cite examples from the reading to support your position.

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Read the following from The Best American Magazine Writing 2013:
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