Religion questions

Judaism is the first of the Abrahamic religions. Who were the Israelites? Where did the Israelites originate? What set them (Israelites) apart from neighboring communities? 

Christianity is a religion that incorporated another religion’s scripture. What are the unique beliefs of Christians that separates them from the Jews? What are some tenets of faith in Christianity? How was Christianity able to spread?

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Religion questions
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Muslims believe that Islam is the final revelation. Who is the final prophet and how does the origin of Islam differ from early Judaism and Christianity? How do Muslims celebrate their faith through the year? (name at least 2 specific examples)

Although there are theological differences between the three great monotheistic religions of the world, they share a profound connection to one another. In a short essay, provide specific examples of the contributions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islamic Civilizations on the world around them.
(please provide specific examples from the text that fit into the different disciplines in the humanities. At least 2 examples per religion will be sufficient)


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