Research project

your final research project (8-10 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 font) you will strive for originality of ideas, analysis, close textual interpretation, and clarity of writing. Your final research project explores a topic on dynamics of government leadership through an acute exploration of problems in America and in reflecting on global paradigms or explores a topic on dynamics of nonprofit leadership through an acute exploration of issues surrounding democracy, inclusion, and social change in America and in reflecting on global paradigms.Address key leadership challenges and problems in regard to your topic. Reflect on how your analysis correlates to your current or future career aspirations. Consider how the focus of your analysis correlates to theoretical and practical paradigms that we have discussed in the class.You are free to focus on any of the course materials in addition to bringing in new articles and related media. You must also refer to at least four outside sources. This research project is aimed at you giving expression to critical thinking and interpreting your analysis through highly cogent and incisive expression in your writing. Demonstrating accomplished knowledge of the literature and the background to your research issue or problem is an essential part of your assessment.Final Research Project     As America faces so many different problems in our modern day, (seemingly more so today then ever) I truly wonder is there even an effective solution possible to meet all the challenges facing humanity today in the fields of economy, ecology, human security, global governance and peace? A global paradigm shift is a fundamental, major change in the way people (workers, managers, investors) think and behave. Paradigms are important because they define how we perceive reality and how we behave within it. Everyone is subject to the limitations and distortions produced by their socially conditioned nature. Those belief systems or paradigms are quite simply, the way in which we see the world. As such they constitute our reality. All our actions, our personal life choices, our professional and our medical practice decisions are heavily influenced and at times, strongly directed by our personal paradigms. Our world is defined in large measure by our belief systems. Those belief systems or paradigms are quite simply, the way in which we see the world. As such they constitute our reality. Paradigms are functionally like blinders. They direct where we look and what we see. Every exchange, every interaction, every communication and every experience in an examination room with our clients or our health care team members contributes to our growing repository of life experience. Our paradigms set us up to see certain things because we expect to see them. As such many of our experiences underscore our native expectations, a form of confirmation bias. It is from these many experiences that we come to believe we can make medical diagnoses, operate our businesses, and know what our clients want when they come into to our stores, even without asking them. Our paradigms form our own unique personal vision of reality and we live them out everyday. How far does the influence of paradigms stretch? Literally they impact every corner of our lives. Social, spiritual, marital, academic, recreational, scientific and financial paradigms exist for each of us. Nearly every part of our life is shaped by a host of core beliefs that define our own personal reality and guide our approach to future opportunities and interactions. This is in many ways good… because it keeps us safe, informed and on track in many parts of our life where consistency is important. My research paper will provide an in dept look on how these challenges that America is currently facing could turn our country into a modern civil war if our government leaders do not take hold of these concerns. The first section of my paper will summarize my argument, pointing out that the Global Politics Paradigm views will have difficulty maintaining the legitimacy of our democratic values. The second section I will compare the Global Politics Paradigm with both Realism and Cooperation Theory, arguing that the three paradigms have different scope conditions and are therefore as much complementary as competitive. The third section will address their relevance and the conflict of their powers. I will end my paper on providing an opinion to suggesting what would best be suited to address these concerns to move our country forward to a more effective America. 

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Research project
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